Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tutorial Tuesday - Charts for stuff I hate having to remember

I have been throwing around a new idea for Mondays.  And it's not fully developed hence my lack of post yesterday.  Shame on me.  And I have been scouring my brain and the internet for something post worthy sine last night.  It was a struggle, but if finally dawned on me.  I have so much going on in life and so at least twice that in my brain.  I hate having to try to pull old files I rarely use from the memory bank or things I don't think about often. So today is not a tutorial, sorry! But here are a few handy charts, hopefully you can free up some brain space too.
home sewing projects with fancy stitches and decorative embroidery stitches

If you are like me, you like a visual.  This site also offers explinations to how to create each stitch along with this cool picture chart.  Very nice! No more looking it up in one of my books or online!

I always wonder what size A39 is.  Ok, so there is no A39.  But I do find it frustrating trying to figure out what size is which.  And it happens more than you think.   Like when I'm ordering new blank cards and envelopes or when I'm trying to print something on a different size.  Maybe you have similar frustrations. 

File:A size illustration2 with letter and legal.svg

Print this off and tape it by your computer. 

This next one happened to me just yesterday at Joanns when I went in for more Nylon Strapping.  I needed exactly 75" to finish my bag.  Silly me, I thought the professionals at Joann would know how many yards that is.  I was wrong.  To bad I didn't have one of these in m wallet to give the poor girl. The very nice gal who put this together even did it in a few different colors so you can pink. I had to go with yellow of course! :)

Thank you for a nice job and something every crafter will need eventually!

I LOVE hanging my pictures on the wall because some are just so great I want to see them everyday, not just when I look at the scrapbooks.  But I always end up with an overpopulation of frames and it looks cluttered.  Enter this handy chart!

She even has actual photos of these layouts on the blog post.  So now you can actually see what it might look like.  Very genius!!

Ok. I was going to post some more, but trying to find them is clogging up the new ideas I'm getting.  So this will have to do for today! :)

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