Saturday, February 11, 2012

Savers? You betcha'!

Forgive me for my absence this week.  I did not properly schedule my time.  And I forgot about 2 important events... whoops! Going to work on getting better about not forgetting to write things in the mom planner.  If any of you moms are Girl Scouts mom, you know how crazy cookie season can be!

So last week, during some errands, I decided to stop into Savers to see what I could find.  I hadn't been there in awhile.  My husband is laid off right now, which mean we tighten up the purse strings a little.  So those exciting finds are even better!  And boy did I find some great things - much to my surprise!

This might not be that cool to some.  B ut I thought it was pretty neat! I don't know what year it's from, or if it works.  It was priced a little high I thought at 15.99.  But if it works, and you are a beginner or looking for a child's machine, it might be worth the purchase.

Next I found this adorable little shelf!

It was pretty short.  Maybe 2 feet high or so.  I thought it would make a perfect hall shelf, or for plants, or even a night stand.  It needed a little TLC, but all in all, it was in good shape.  And it was a steal at 4.99!!

This was rather expensive, nearly 100.00, but it was amazing! So beautiful and so rare! I have no idea how old it was or if it worked.  I don't watch a lot of those picker shows, but who knows, maybe it's worth a pile! Either way, I can't believe someone would just give/throw this away!

I left the store with a large batman toy, a little people garage, a large littlest pet shop play center & the most amazing thing in the entire store, this chair! (without the cat! :)
Its shorter and smaller, but perfect for my 1st grader.  We are going to recover the seat and refinish the frame.  At a future, undetermined date of course.  Since it was Monday, my Savers offers 25% off your total purchase.  So the chair that was marked 4.99 was actually 3.74! Sa-weet!!!

All in all, I left with all my treasures and my total was 8 dollars and change! Second hand is any crafters dream!!

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