Wednesday, February 22, 2012

This techy (photography) world

Like a lot of you I'm sure, my mind rarely is at rest.  I often wonder if it has a unique ADD all of it's own.  I will bounce between 3-5 or more topics at any given moment.  Most of which are probly not even closely related or even have anything to do with each other.  I realize I am not supposed to figure out how or why my mind works.  Instead, I just embrace it.

Changes to my blog are one of the things I've been thinking about.  I thought it would be fun (and even healthy) and hopefully helpful to start putting my thoughts to paper, well to web anyway.  One of these things is photography.  Everything from digital cameras to lighting to technical terms to just learning how to get good composition.

I have had a camera in my posession since I was about 10(ish) years old.  It was from the most amazing lady I've ever known - Grandma Taubel.  It was a Kodak 110 film camera and it looked something like this.

I thought it was the greatest thing in the world.  It took horrible pictures.  But it worked.  And it was hers.  What more could a girl ask for!? :)

Since then, I've had several other cameras.  Almost all Kodak Cameras.  Not for any specific reason other than because I am a relatively brand loyal customer by nature.  I never had a problem with a kodak, so I never looked at other brands.  The first point and shoot digital camera I bought on an impulse was a Nikkon and it turned out to be one of my biggest regrets.  Thankfully I wasn't out much and it was a good lesson learned.

Because of that experience, when I decided I was finally ready for a DSLR (digital single lens reflex, also commonly just called digital SLR...don't ask me why...) I knew that Nikkon and Cannon were the two biggest contenders.  And when I resorted to my usual tactics, aka facebook, I was disappointed when nearly every single response I got was "get a nikkon!" 

Of course I did my own homework as well.  I knew I didn't want the top dog since this was my "entry level" camera but I wanted something that I wouldn't outgrow right away.  I stumbled upon some rave reviews for Sony during my many hours parusing forums.  I found the Sony A-300.  I liked it because it was in the higher end of the middle cameras.  If that makes sense.  And some would argue it is even better than that.  I may be one of those people very soon! :)

My main reasons for purchasing it were the ease of use and all of the capabilites it offered.  But my biggest selling point was that it has a flip screen.  So I can remain standing, and hold the camera at my waist and still see what I'm shooting at eye level. This also works the other way.  At my sister's coronation a few weeks ago, I couldn't get past the heads in front of me.  I flipped the screen down, and held the camera up.  Voila! Tons of great pictures, without heads and without standing up in front of others.  I also thought I read somewhere Sony was the only line of DSLRs that had a GPS disable capability.  As a paranoid momma, this seemed really important.  I didn't want any stalkers seeing where I take my pictures of my babies.  And that is important, but I have not investigated this further to do it on my own camera.

The biggest and best reason - the price.  I found an amazing used bundle on Ebay.  I got a Sony lens, Sony A300 body, and tons of accessories like a really nice bag, UV filter, car charger, wall charger and other little stuff included.  I didn't know the seller, but he has done photography for years and also cleans and resells cameras on ebay.  So he knows the damage to look for to the camera that cant be seen with the naked (or untrained) eye.  He also offers a 7 day return policy - there truly is nothing more you could want!

Here is an awesome deal - a Sony A200 bundle for 325.00! Awesome deal! He also had other cameras and accessories listed.

Of course, right after I made this purchase, I headed over to Amazon to buy a book.  I found one I absolutely love and read it very frequently. 
Sony Alpha DSLR-A300 / A350 Digital Field Guide

I can easily say that my DSLR camera was one of my best purchases.  And I am quite honestly only begining to learn how to use it.  So even the sky might not be the limit! 

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