Monday, February 20, 2012

A local true beauty - who knew?!

Who knew a day to celebrate the leaders of our country would turn out to be so hectic! We did not get home from the clinic until 630! We should've been home LONG before that!  We spent an hour and a half in the waiting room.  Usually, I would keep myself very busy being productive crocheting.  However, earlier that day in all the chaos, I forgot my bag.  And my iPod.  And I had zero service and 3G on Mayo 8.

This left me with only my thoughts.  Well, my hubs was there, but like I said, this left me with my thoughts! :) I couldn't help but notice all the beauty that surrounds you at Mayo Clinic.  I've noticed it several times before today.  There is something so peaceful about it when you aren't certain if you'll live to see the next season or not.  You notice every ant on the sidewalk.  Every word quickly spoken in a foreign language.  Every musical note filling the silence.  But today was different.  Today, I didn't see just the peace.  Today I saw the raw beauty.

Of course I did not get any pictures on my cell phone to do justice to what I'm speaking of.  And of course, I want you to all see it, but the images are all copyrighted.  So I am not going to risk pasting them here.  But  I can give you links to some breath taking photos.  And right in our own back yard! Please, take a moment to look at these:
The Retirement Chronicles: Mayo Clinic Art: Part TWO: Featuring Dale Chihuly glass art

This last link, wow!! Talk about an amazing job!! Even if you live around Mayo Clinic Rochester, even if you WORK at Rochester Mayo and you see this every day, I PROMISE you have not seen this breathtaking sculpture this way!  With that much beauty and inspiration, I feel good about ending this post here! :)

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  1. thanks so much for linking to my blog on the Mayo
    Clinic pictures I took back there. I was with a friend who was going through Chemo and
    Radiation and we stayed at the place next door that let's cancer patients stay there while they go through treatment. We were amazed at the beauty at Mayo's also and everywhere you looked it was glad you enjoyed my photos!