Tuesday, February 21, 2012

tutorial tuesday - butterfly wreath

It was my second day in a row of non stop mommy/wife stuff.  So I didn't even get to a thought for today's tutorial, let alone actually creating it.  Thankfully, I found a tutorial from another obvious creative crafter who must have been thinking of me when she created it! (Quite the feat considering she has zero idea who I am!)

This simply gorgeous wreath tutorial uses several of my loves: wreaths, butterflies, and lots of bright color! She does such a great job and I love the finished product so much so, I may need to add this to the to-do list!  See for yourself!

Obviously, I haven't tried it yet.  But knowing how I like to do things, I noticed a few things I would change.  I like to make sure that when I make something, its going to have as long a life as possible.  So I would make sure I made it several pages/layers thick.  Probly using a watered down modge podge or school glue mixture? Secondly, while this wreath is perfect just the way it is, I think it would dramatically alter the look if you added just a few sprigs of either tiny flowers, or boutinere (I don't know how to spell that and spell check says that is right - I think spell check may be broken!) leaves or even the pearl sprays.  Or maybe even baby's breath?  I like baby's breath, but in VERY small moderation.  It gets over used a lot, and I think gives it a bad rap... Also, I would TOTALLY get the kiddos in on this one! Just imagine how much better the finished product would be if you each had butterfly on it? Or maybe you do something different.  Like each pick your favorite part of a season.  Like your favorite fall leaf.  Or your favorite thing about spring.

 My mind wont stop. But my body says enough - my lids are honestly closing as we speak, which makes correctly typing difficult! 
So, awesome right? I would love to see your project. (And mine!)

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