Friday, February 17, 2012

Free Friday Printables!

I'm attempting to figure out a layout schedule for the crafty blog (like Tutorial Tuesdays) and I'm thinking to make Friday's a little more awesome, I should have something free.  I love free so of course free stuff turns up other places on other days.  But today I was feeling a little inspirational.  Unfortunately we've had a busier-than-normal week here (those happen often) and being inspirational did not turn into being creative yet.  So I turned to other's creativity.  Here's what I found!

This is from the blog A Step in the Journey.  There are several printables there.  I thought this one would  be adorable in a kid's room or a play room.


I have been searching second hand stores tireslessy for some old books that I could use for craft projects.  Like I always say, the best idea are the most obvious! (and usually overlooked) So if you need some sheet music, or old book pages, why not just print them off yourself!?  There are more on this blog!
I think it'd also look great in a frame sitting on the book shelf!

This one is super cute also! I thought it would make a great scrapbook page title.  Or of course in a frame as a gift for dad's birthday or father's day.  (which will be here before we know it!) Get it here!

Design 8
When I was a kid I LOVED to color these! They were so fun to do over and over and change the patterns or designs.  Now that I'm a mom, I will print off enough for one for each of us and then we all color it without looking at each other's.  When we are done, we compare each other's pictures.  Simple fun!  You can find TONS of other designs if you do a web search for something like "geometric coloring pages".  I found 15 of them at  Love Better Homes & Gardens!!

It's nearly lunch time, so this post must come to an end as my mommy duties are calling! :) Enjoy these great fun printables and hopefully you dont waste an entire morning browsing all the great ones out there!

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