Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Summer List: Potato Stampers

Another quick(ish) and simple kid project.  I had some potatoes that were probably fine to eat but not my first choice.  So we broke off all the growing parts and made stamps to paint with instead.

We used powder tempera paint because we hadn't experimented with it much yet.  But, after doing this, the liquid tempera paint would have been much better and quicker!

We didn't do anything to complicated for designs.  I used a small paring knife and just did the best I could.  And the girls were fine with this too.

We started out with regular copier paper, but that wasn't quite working for the girls so we quickly switched to our go-to paper; the butcher roll.

They made MANY pictures and I'm sure some of the relatives would love to see some of the masterpieces as well.  This was a very quick project but they enjoyed it all the same.