Saturday, February 4, 2012

Free Samples, Rebates and Coupons - not craft related!

Happy Friday Saturday Morning! Oopsie! Life just gets so busy sometimes! 

Occasionally I like to do a post that is more life related than craft related.  Today is one of those days.  The post was supposed to be craft related but quickly morfed into something else.  I have a family on a tight budget. Every little bit helps.  To get by on the months when our budget is reduced even more (medical expenses, those life things, or hubs is laid off) I resort to free samples/products. Its two fold really. It saves money obviously (every little bit adds up) but also because I don't usually like to buy new products unless I know they are going to work better than the product I'm using.  Here's one everyone can use.

More Free...Burger King is giving away Onion Rings today and tomorrow - feb. 4 and 5.  (at participating locations) Prepare for long lines, but they are good!

I just downloaded this today, so I'm not sure how it'll work, but you might want to give it a try... It's a coupon/online shopping toolbar.  Once you download the toolbar it takes you to a seemingly pretty cool website filled with free samples, free products and of course coupons. (ok - the toolbar for the coupons alone, is worth it in my opinion)

A new craft company, (but not yet launched I don't think) is sending out free ornaments and catalogs.  I know you can all think of something to do with the ornament. 

Here's a Pam Cooking Spray Rebate offer for $4.00.  I shop at Walmart, and I just bought the other day for $3.00 and change (I think) so that means, you'd actually make money with this one.  Remember, every little bit helps!

I love the magazine Parents.  Here are 7 free issues.  It says if you just had a baby.... but you do what you want with that!

Here's a cute for the husband Valentine printout.  It's technically free. ;)

I LOVE Gooseberry Patch Cookbooks! So this one made me very happy! Here's a free one for you!
FREE Cookbook: Gooseberry Patch Fall Favorite with Sun-Maid Raisins & Dried Fruit

Here is another rebate for Kid's N Pets.  I actually have used this for years.  Its great for accidents of many kids.  And obviously safe for the kids and the pets after the fact.  Give it a try for free - any size bottle, not just a sample!

Most of you are on facebook, and even if you aren't you may still be able to do this. Its nothing free for you, but it is free for someone in need if your participate.  You can donate a breakfast for free.  All you have to do is type in what you had for breakfast and Kelloggs takes care of the rest! Easy and a good thing to do!

One last note - I was in Rochester (Minnesota) earlier this week at Shopko North.  I picked up a pair of those techy gloves for 2.99 on clearance.  These are the gloves that you can wear and still operate your touch screens.  Very happy about this purchase! They had several colors left when I was there, so if you want a pair - don't wait!

On to the rest of my to-do list! Enjoy the sunshine!

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