Monday, February 13, 2012

Quiet Books...officially added!

I've probly missed the boat on this one as far as my own kids go.  But I've wanted to make a quiet book for quite some time now.  And starting today it's officially on the list.  I have lots of ideas of things I would like to put into said book, but when I sit down to plan each page and make my materials list, I always draw a blank or feel overwhelmed. 

Fortunately, like nearly everything else on the internet, there are TONS of other people who have already posted about it. :) Yay! So for my (and maybe your) crafty motivation, here are some great books.


This one is a really cute book for little boys.  And I like the way she did the binder rings/eyelets inside the binding so they don't show on the outside.

This is just a part of this adorable book! What an adorable version of a quiet book.  It's a flip book featuring a bunch of cute characters. Very fun idea!

Ok - love this one for 3 reasons.  1) It looks like a scrapbook 2) NO SEWING! and 3) this particular one blends religous pages and other pages for a perfect church book

Another NO SEW book, this crafty mama used her cricut! One of the greatest inventions ever made.

Hide and seek pages among other things on this blog.  This post is only mid way through - so you might find some other ideas there too.

If you are interested in doing a quiet book for a little someone in your life, you may already have found the go-to quiet book blog.  But if not, you are in luck! All things quiet book found here. 

So let me know if you are adding a quiet book to your list of to-make items.  I'd love to share ideas and see your progress!

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