Tuesday, January 17, 2012

What do you need?

I am very lucky. For many reasons.  But for the sake of this post, I am lucky because I have a small den like area at the far side of my craft room.  Of course it has my DVR hooked up to it so I am able to catch up on my shows. (I rarely watch anything live anymore.  Who knew how much of my time was being wasted on commercials!)

I guess I never realized it before tonight.  I received an "emergency" order from etsy over the weekend for a birthday board.  AKA an order that the buyer requested in a shorter amount of time than what I normally quote it would take to finish.  This weekend was rather busy with family stuff so I didn't down to work on it as much as I wanted. 

This is a birthday board - available on my etsy.

Now I have had the TV in my craft room since I've had the craft room.  (All thanks to the hubs keeping every tv that we have ever owned and the craft room was practically the only room that didn't have an old TV in it yet!) I watch a lot of shows. Criminals minds, Friends reruns (I could watch them all day!), the Good Wife, all the CSIs, the Mentalist, Bachelor, Who's Still Standing?, The Biggest Loser, Fear Factor (THANK YOU NBC!) and of course the soaps! :)

Tonight as I sat down feeling very unmotivated, I flipped on the TV and went to the DVR menu as I always do.  I scrolled through the list not knowing what to pick.  I decided that I needed to be productive so I shouldn't pick anything with a plot or storyline I had to follow.  That narrows it down.  I still lump the soaps into the remaining list because lets face it, sometimes you can miss months and still know exactly who is off in some exotic land managing their self built multi billion dollar corporation. 

But I wasn't in a very soap opera kind of mood, so enter reality TV.  And I decided tonight was a catching up on the Bachelor night. I thought about Fear Factor since I've been dying to see it and I don't really enjoy watching that with the kids. But I got thinking about it, I can only watch certain shows during certain tasks.

When I am home alone, I sometimes plug in the iPod. But other times, I rely on the TV. Like when I'm doing something at the general craft area, I have to "watch" something a little less involved - like the bachelor, no offense ABC.  But if I'm sewing, it has to be a soap - because the machine is so loud I have to be able to miss some of it and still know what is going on. And if I'm crocheting, I prefer it to be a comedy. When I'm doing candles, crayons or something at that table, it has to be a drama, like the good wife, because there is (sort of) a lot of down time for those projects. When I am scrapbooking its two things.  If I'm in a groove and I'm rolling pages out left and right, then I let the kids pick something.  Because I dont actually watch it, I just need the noise on in the background of my thoughts.  (is that weird?) But if I am feeling some creative block, then I need to have one of my dramas on.  Not sure why, but then I work during the commercials or the boring parts.  Again, I am sure this is weird. 

So I'm curious.  Do you watch a certain show while you are working? Or do you listen to a certain kind of music maybe? Or are you one of the few (I think) who gets to enjoy the quiet?

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