Thursday, January 12, 2012

Egg Carton Creations

I intentionally save egg cartons. But as I started looking around my craft room I noticed I have four 18-egg cartons.  I knew I was going to do something fun with them, but I didn't have an exact plan yet.  Naturally I was thinking something to do with a wreath since that's kinda my forte, if I actually have one.  I thought for your reading pleasure I would put together some other ideas you could use your egg cartons for.

Of course there are the obvious things like the little caterpillars every kid in America seems to make, or save them for garage organization - nuts, bolts, screws, etc.  Or you could cut the top off and put in in a drawer for small part separation - earrings, bracelets, broaches, and the like. You could also use them for change storage for your garage sale, although I'm not a huge fan of that one.  Some people use the foam ones for ice cube trays on the fly before a big hoop-la, but I think those would be some pretty large cubes. 

You can use them for the ever popular seedling starting (I intend to try this every year, but always forget to do it early enough) Another fun idea would be to cut the cups apart and use string to make a bucket; fill it with bird seed and hang it in the trees.  One of the ones I like the best is to use it for shipping things. duh! Sometimes I miss the most obvious!

And of course you could dress it up with some scrapbook scraps and use it as a very cheap but efficient and pretty embellishment organizer.  Likewise, you can use them at your sewing station for treads, stray bobbins and extra buttons.

While, these are all egg-cellent  (I couldn't do it), excellent ideas, my favorite thing to do with them is to give them to the kids.  I keep a little stock pile of odds and ends; extra yarn, left over buttons, foam shapes, anything.  If the stock isn't growing very fast and the kids are getting antsy to hit up the craft box, a quick trip to the dollar store usually cures the fix.  Throw in the egg cartons and some glue and let them go wild! Let them lead with their imagination but guide them where they seek assistance.  Even if you can't envision what their end product is supposed to be,  I have no doubt you will love the memories.  Happy crafting!!!

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