Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Best Ideas

While doing what I (probably) do best, parusing the internet, I got a little side tracked.  And like always, I have no idea what I was originally looking for when I ended up where I did.  It's borderline frightening sometimes!  I used to have my staple places I went to for inspiration and tips or ideas.  And I realized, I'd been so busy with my new crazy life lately, I can't remember the last time I checked.  So it was pretty awesome when I ended back up on the Crafting Mother herself's site.

Of course I mean Martha Stewart.  Jail suit or not, this chick knows how to do things with other things my brain can not even accept.  But every now and then she has something even the average bear like me can do.  I accidentally ran into one such project...or so I thought.  I have always like things in nature.  And I love when you can take something in nature and make it into something really amazing.  Like Martha's Pussy Willow Wreath.
Gorgeous right?  And it's mostly just gluing.  So even my 6 year old should be able to handle that right?! So I set out to my local craft stores to get the supplies.  Wreath base - check.  Pretty ribbon - check.  Lots of glue choices so I can decide if I outsmarted Martha - check.  Now I don't have any pussy willow branches with hundreds of little pod thingys laying around, so I thought I should buy those too. 

I got to the section where they should have hundreds of branches, but they didn't have that many.  They had 3 bundles.  And each buddle had like 2 1/2 branches.  And they contained a total of approximately 36 pods.  Ugh.  The icing on the disasterous cake, they were on SALE for something like 7.99.  Honestly, I don't remember if that was their actual price or sale price, but who cares!!

So, while Martha's creation is unique and beautiful, it is not very realistic for this wreath making chick.  Not for a loooong time anyway.  Sometimes, the best ideas really aren't right in front of you. 

If you have hundreds of pussy willow pod thingys laying around and you want to try Martha's wreath, here's the instructions.  If you have hundreds of pussy willow pod thingys laying around and want to give them away, let me know!

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