Monday, January 2, 2012


I want/need to take my craft business to the next level.  Of course I have been reading some amazing books lately on how to do that.  And I feel a little silly admitting I never considered a blog to be a part of that business.  So, the Benike Boutique Blog is born. 

I thought a fitting first blog would be to give you all a peek into my work space.  So bare with me as I attempt to make an amazing "first blog post" :)

Ok! That wasn't so bad! This is my wreath work space.  Its always a work in progress.  On the left is a shelf I store wreath bases on and picks and other things that dont store well elsewhere.  Next is a hanging flower post.  This keeps it up off the ground away from kids and debris and other stuff.  Next are some ribbon racks I ordered from an awesome crafter - find them here

Ribbon Rack Close Up! :)
Moving down the wall....

Scrapbook Workspace.  A stamp/punch shelf I made MYSELF ancors the space.  And all the tools surround it; paper and sticker files from cropper hopper on the left, and a mish mosh of other office products turned scrapbook essentials on the right :)

Thats the main wall of my craft room.  I hope you like it as much as I do! So, now that you've seen mine, let me see yours! Look me up on facebook and/or comment below - thanks for reading!

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