Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tutorial Tuesday - Who wants to CROCHET??

Saying I love to crochet is a small understatement.  I learned to crochet from my mom when I was a very little girl.  She was always crocheting and I was always amazed and what a ball of string could be turned into.  Crocheting has gotten me through pregnancy, chemo and MANY waiting rooms!  Even as an adult, who's done it for many years, I am still learning. 

Since I take my crochet with me to so many places, I am frequently questioned.  So, for Tutorial Tuesday, I will keep it simple (and helpful!) Here is an AWESOME blog I stumbled upon today completely by accident.  She is working on a complete How-To-Crochet outline with links.  Very nice!

From Easy Makes Me Happy!

Of course you can do a google search for "learn to crochet" and in my opinion, be completely overwhelmed. There are also crochet forums, and classes you can take, usually offered through local craft stores.  (I believe Michaels in Rochester is starting one soon)

If you are more of a hands on, visual learner, like me, then this will quickly become your favorite book:

 This is the 1st Edition - this is the one I have and LOVE or there is now a second edition available.  (It has a different cover design)  You can get this book just about anywhere. I got mine at Barnes & Noble (with a coupon and my membership discount of course!) because I just couldn't wait for Amazon to ship it.  Don't be intimidated - this book WILL teach you how to crochet - even if you have NEVER done it before! Really!  It also has basic patterns and more resources in the back of the book, which I have not even got to yet.  I just can not say enough about this book.  It is really wonderful.  If you want to take a peek right now, check this out!

If after all this, you still feel its just not for you, but you really want those cute booties for the new baby, or a new throw for your bed, then head over to etsy.  With 415,721 items for crochet, just now, you will find what you are looking for!

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