Thursday, January 19, 2012

In the eye of the beholder

The older I get, (eek!) the more I just somehow come to understand.  One of these things, is the fact that most everything is open to interpretation.  For example, I think my 3 year old has the cutest pigs (toes) I've ever seen.  Even when they are "stinky", I still cant get enough of them.  Now, you may not feel the same way. Such is true in the craft world as well.  I have found so truly bizarre things - in my opinion of course.

One of them is chick sweaters.  Not, hot girl sweaters, but rather baby chicken sweaters.  I dont know what else to say about this.  There is even a free pattern.  Go figure!
Just click the picture for the article AND free pattern :)
I used to collect Ty Beanie Babies as a kid.  In fact my sister and I were beyond obsessed with them.  Now, they are a dime a dozen (or so).  And there are creative uses for them popping up all over.  Creative = bizarre in this case. One of these examples is using them like a hunted animal.  That's right. They cut the head off the beanie and "mount" it.  Even more odd to me, they use the word cute to describe them.... You can search and see a few on Etsy, along with a few other toys I loved as a kid like the 80's My Little Ponies. (on a personal note - this isnt cool to me...almost a little sad??)  Another use, which I do not understand even a little is to mix and match their heads and bodies, like the once cute lion and the cardinal.  Bizarre, right?
Lion Cardinal

The last in my list of odditites tonight is this seeminly new idea called crafting with cat hair.  The idea is just what it sounds like.  Take your cats shedded hair and create something with it.  There is a book on Amazon that goes through the entire process where they show you how to make finger puppets and coin purses among other things.  Again, a quick etsy search gives you an iPhone cover and jewelry.  While I still cant get on board with the idea of wearing cat's shedded dead hair, this piece is still rather beautiful, if you can forget its made with dead hair from an animal.

TODAY SHOW feature SpirialedPuffs2 felted cat hair necklace

So I guess obivously these things prove that not only is everything in the eye of the beholder, but I guess one man's trash really is another man's treasure???

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