Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tutorial Tuesday - St. Pats Day

Since it's really late, and my husband is shutting lights off on me... I will keep this really short!
I stumbled upon this cute tutorial for a St. Patty's Day shirt.  Her tutorial is great, but I think I have another way.

Here's her completed project:

ADORABLE! And her blog post shows how to do it using the freezer paper stencil and cricut technique that has been all over pinterest and the like.  If you have a cricut and are confident in your skills to do this, excellent! If not, you could easily reproduce this shirt without.

My idea is use felt or scrap fabric to cut out your clover and then use a disappearing fabric pen (in the sewing section for a few few bucks - then the ink will "erase" during the first wash) to hand write your own letters and then fill them in with paint.  This idea is much quicker and while you may not think your handwriting is cute now, your kids will love it when they don't have you anymore.  My grandma's handwritten notes, cards and recipes are some of my most treasured belongings. Happy Creating!

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