Monday, June 11, 2012

A Life book

Most people know I'm an avid scrapbooker.   And naturally the girls are also becoming interested in paper crafting.  They also like to look through old scrapbooks from when they were babies.  We share laughs and stories and it's always great.  Now that the oldest is able to read and write neatly I thought i would be fun to have her do some things we can look back on. I also wanted something more personal than the School Years books you can buy. 

So we are going to create a Life Book.  It will be a continual work in progress.  I know many will think how is this different than a scrapbook?  In my opinion, scrapbooks are stories told through pictures. I want this book to be the story of her life, told by her, and in her words. So I wanted to share with you the pages I have made so far.

A name/signature sample page.  Have the child write the name on the line, and then the date goes in the parenthesis.

I plan on reproducing some of the pages each year, so I thought it was important to write the date on very page. 

My Daughter just finished first grade, but this could easily work for any grade, and we most likely will do it for every grade.

This is more of a preschool page, but I still think it would be cute to see how they change their coloring, writing, etc of this page through the years.

I love this page.  It's a little more intimate than some.  I would like to do several more of these with different prompts.

Books are a big deal around here.  I LOVE reading.  LOVE it.  Kids books are my favorite.  And I hope that this love is passed on to my children.  But, even if it's not, they have to read for school and are bound to find books they like :)

Again, I think date is huge! This page will be so cute! Now just to remember to weigh them at the beginning and the end of each school year! :)

We've been working on a family tree page as well, but haven't come up with something that works like we want it to.  But when we do, I will post that as well

I don't have an order worked out just yet.  But I don't think it matters.  I want this book to be all hers.  So I will also include drawings and art work she makes that are the 8.5x11 size.  I have ordered some chipboard and we are going to do a cover when those arrive. 

I'd love some feedback on these.  Let me know what you think of the idea and if you have any ideas you'd like to see made into pages. Thanks so much!

*Let me know if you have any trouble getting the pages yourself!

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