Thursday, March 1, 2012

Egg Carton Creations 2

In January I did a post on what to do with Egg Cartons.  I couldn't help but to add a part 2.  Since then I've found so many more fun things to do with them!

This really fun article from one of my favorite kid idea sites, Family Fun, has some really great ideas. 
3 Thing to Do With Egg Cartons

Although only 3 of them are listed, I think number 2 is pretty cute!  And of course it could be adapted to any holiday or event, not just Easter.

After I did my post, I got inspired to use them for something I'd made.  It took a lot of tweaking, but I finally was able to crank out enough flowers to finish my first yarn wreath. 
Spring Yarn Wreath with Egg Carton Flowers
Once I finally figured out how to do them (I couldn't just cut and paint - they were way to big) it didn't take long at all and I'm already brainstorming ideas to use the "flowers" for something else.  You can purchase this specific wreath on my etsy. :)

Another adorable idea (followed by another "why-didn't-I-think-of-that" moments) from this blogger.  She used the lids to make buttons out of.  Which I think would be fabulous on some scrapbook pages.  She showed you exactly how she did it on her post.  Very nice job!!

I also really liked this idea, which again, can't believe I didn't think of doing!  Used Egg Cartons as little gift packages.  Depending on the gift, the dividers inside may be in the way.  You could possibly cut them out? Not sure on that one, I'll have to try it myself! At any rate, this one looks really great! (PS - this image came from flickr, and there wasn't a blog or anything attached to it, so no instructions or credit to give here sadly!)

Pinned Image

Another idea I've seen is to use them as centerpieces.  I found one on Etsy.

Springtime Fiesta: Vibrant Orange, Pink and Purple Gerber Daisy Candle Recycled Egg Carton Centerpiece

I think you would probably not burn the candles however though.  I know from our house fire, silk flowers aren't even kindling! They melt down to nothing, faster than you even know they're burning. So this one is just to look at in my opinion.  Nevertheless, I love the dyed carton as the base.

I remember from my daycare days there was a toy from Fisher Price (in the 80s I think??) that used an egg carton and eggs as sorting. I don't remember exactly what you had to do anymore.  But you could do something similar with your own.  Paint the insides of the cups and then use plastic Easter eggs in the same colors to help your child learn colors and matching.  Of course, you could get even craftier and sew felted ones.

My last idea for today would be to use beans and an egg carton as your own mancala game.  I played mancala a lot as a kid.  You would need a dice too (if I remember right) and two different colored playing tokens. (like two different kinds of bean or marbles) If you have no idea what mancala is, you can look it up online. 

Enjoy even more egg carton uses! :)

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