Friday, April 6, 2012

Please excuse my absence...

I didn't have time to say so beforehand because my to do list was long, and did not get finished.  I had lung surgery towards the end of March.  The surgery went fine, but there have been some unforeseen complications/delays after.  I am home now, sore and sleepy, with a chest tube still in.  I will have to keep it in until the lobe that had surgery done stops the air leak.  I've been told it can take weeks.  "everyone is different". ugh.

So in the mean time, I will do the blog to the best of my ability.  They forgot to mention that a main side effect of the pain meds I have to take is narcolepsy.  Seriously! Well not really, but I do randomly fall asleep in the middle of everything.  It comes out of no where and before you know it I am out cold.  When I wake up My book is closed without the bookmark, I'm watching some weird show I've never even heard of, or I have like 289 "0"s on my page! :)

While I try to get my thoughts back in crafty blog mode, here's a site I've come upon while looking through the world wide web.  I have a pile of palettes out in the driveway from the fire/moves.  So I've been looking for projects.  This site is one of the coolest I've seen.  Lots of unique designs and different ideas.
WoodPallet+50 50+ Wood Pallet Projects
I'm sure you'll like what you see.  If you don't have palettes already, I'm looking into where you can get them from.  If you have any ideas, I would love to hear them!

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